American Infotainment Services

American Infotainment Services is a newly created company that provides high quality services in the telecommunication, advertising, web and multimedia areas!

Specifically our services include the following categories: Media and Infotainment, Call Centers VOIP, Intragroup Communication Applications, SMS Advertising Campaigns, Graphic Design and Web Development, Video and Photo editing.

Our group of professionals know how to deliver real value to our clients because of their expertise in advanced analysis, user-centered design, application development, systems integration, mobile development, and digital editing.

We constantly strive to raise the bar of excellence because we know how to effectively take a front-end or back-end project from inception to completion on time and within budget.

We are exceptional at learning, anticipating, inventing and of course, executing.

Our purpose is about making the way people communicate a whole lot better.

Express your company needs to us and our team will make sure that you get the best possible solution at the most competitive price of the market!

If you are interested on our services, request a quote.